pull up a chair

where wisdom gathers, poetry unfolds and divine light is sparked…

please, pull up a chair. plop down for awhile. poke around. there’s good company here. the kitchen table is where we gather. life’s little moments, the things we often consider: how we dwell, how we stir in the kitchen, how we tend our gardens, outside and in. how we love.

we spend moments each day pondering that which matters most, mostly here on the homefront. but, too, we keep an eye on the wide world beyond. we’re intent on making each day a little more thoughtful, a little more prayerful, a little more sprinkled with everyday grace.

daily meanderings are where you’ll find musings for the day. come to the table. share your thoughts. back in the chair’s very first year, december 2006 through december 2007, i meandered monday through friday. now i meander at least every friday, but as the spirit moves me as well. meanderings are archived forever. peek through the stack.

pull up a chair here