the newest book: The Stillness of Winter

Stillness of Winter cover

coming soon: October 6, 2020. just in time for the curling-in months of winter, when quietude is the holy balm, the sacred instruction, the blessing of the long, longer, and longest nights, when what’s stirring is deep within, unseen but not unnoticed.

this, no doubt, will be the prettiest book in the bunch, each page awash and adorned in the artistry of one of book design’s true geniuses. jeff jansen, an uncannily kindred spirit, is the designer who put his brilliant touch to a few of the wonders in best-selling ann voskamp’s breathtaking collection of One Thousand Gifts, and i am oh so blessed that he’s put his hand to this newest collection of mine. it’s a compendium of essays, meditations, prayers, recipes, field notes, and winter wonderlists, drawn in part from the winter months of Slowing Time, but chock-full of plenty of new ponderings.

more to come soon…

blessed be: it’s a book with a ribbon. the first copy of Stillness landed with a plop on my doorstep the other day, and wasn’t i delighted to discover that the lovely folk at Abingdon thought to bedeck my book with a a single strand of satiny ribbon, a way to mark your place, so you might begin again wherever you left off, or hold in stillness a particular page of Stillness. thank you, dear Abingdon friends….